Welcome to the Division of Toxicology!

We are currently delighted to have Dr. Peter Akpunonu, M.D. as the Director of Toxicology.






















Dr. Akpunonu also serves as the Medical Director of the Kentucky Poison Center. Our Toxicology division has the only inpatient consultation service available in the state of Kentucky. We also are developing an outpatient consultation service for everything related to Toxicology.

Dr. Akpunonu and other hyper-baric certified physicians run the only 24 hour hyper-baric chamber in the region. We accept patients from Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia and all over Kentucky.

Currently, we are also accepting inquiries for our Addiction Medicine rotation! Contact us for more information.


Interested applicants can send inquiries to Kellsie Sutherland, our Health Education Specialist. If interested in applying, attach your CV and letter of interest as well. 


Kellsie Sutherland

Health Education Specialist

Department of Emergency Medicine

University of Kentucky

800 Rose St., Room M53-A

Lexington, KY 40536-0298

Ph: 859.323.5908; Fax: 859.323.8056