Match Day 2021: UKEM Announces New Intern Class

Well after the first time slipping into their symbolic white coats at the beginning of training and the just before the pomp and circumstance of graduation, medical students experience one major rite of passage: Match Day. Match Day, typically the third Friday in March, is the day that graduating medical students nationwide learn at which residency program they will train for the next three to seven years. It is the culmination of months of interviews, countless letters of recommendation, and years of studying. It is truly a momentous occasion for the next generation of physicians. Match Day 2021 was on March 19th, and we celebrated the end of our recruitment season with a Match Day Event at the Downtown Hilton. The new intern class was announced to current residents and faculty during the celebration. UK Emergency Medicine is happy to announce that we have filled all 12 positions for the Class of 2024. Be on the lookout for these new faces starting July 1, 2021.

Best of luck to our soon-to-be intern class!

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