EM Pharmacists & Physicians Team Up for PubMed Case Report

At UK Chandler Emergency Department, “teamwork” is more than just a buzzword. A multidisciplinary approach is integral to how we provide high quality care to our patients and robust learning opportunities to our residents and students. One of the most important forces at work in our ED is the collaboration between our gifted team of pharmacists and physicians. On November 4, 2020, PubMed published a case report entitled “Inhaled Tranexamic Acid for Massive Hemoptysis in the Setting of Oral Anticoagulation,” a joint effort of our Emergency Department physicians and pharmacists. Clinical Pharmacist Gavin Howington led the charge on this report with Jacqueline Dempsey, PharmD and Mandy Jones, PharmD rounding out the pharmacy team. UKEM Associate Program Director Jonathan Bronner, MD and PGY2 Connor Greer, MD contributed as well. Gavin Howington, UK ED Clinical Pharmacist, led the charge on this publication. On the report, he said: “We discuss a case of massive hemoptysis requiring pharmacologic intervention to facilitate cessation of bleeding. Our patient was taking a direct oral anticoagulant at home secondary to a recent pulmonary embolism. Significant bleeding in the setting of a direct oral anticoagulant is often managed with either 4-factor prothrombin complex concentrate or andexanet alfa. However, our patient was high risk for complications associated with rapid systemic reversal. Therefore, we opted to give nebulized tranexamic acid, which is a low-cost, anti-fibrinolytic, with a great safety profile. The intent was to stop the current bleeding event while mitigating possible thrombotic complications.” Great work, team!

To read the case report in its entirety, click here:

Gavin Howington, UK ED Clinical Pharmacist

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