Drs. Avila and Adkins Discuss Sonosock on Core Ultrasound Podcast

Core Ultrasound is an invaluable resource for residents and faculty members alike. With weekly ultrasound image reviews, collaborations with experts in the field, and blog posts packed with digestible, easy-to-remember data, is a one stop shop for ultrasound information. Full disclosure: We might be a bit biased here at WildcatEM. Our Point of Care Ultrasound Medical Director Jacob Avila is one of the co-creators of Core Ultrasound! In addition to being an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Avila devotes his time outside of the ED to cultivating resources on ultrasound education. In a recent post, Dr. Avila discusses the Sonosock, a clever concept from first year EM resident, Dr. Jess Adkins, MD. The Sonosock is a water-filled emesis bag taped around the hand or foot of a patient that allows for better soft tissue imaging of those hard to scan distal extremities. Check out their conversation HERE to learn how Jess came up with her novel take on the water bath technique for soft tissue ultrasound: While you're at it, keep up with our friends at Core Ultrasound on Instagram @coreultrasound and check their site often for new content.

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