Dr. Wes Barnett Recognized for Teamwork and US Skills

At UKEM, we pride ourselves in providing residents, fellows, and medical students with comprehensive emergency medicine training. The curriculum for our program is thorough and rigorous; physicians transition from fast-paced months in the UK Chandler ED to intense critical care rotations. They are trained to manage both pediatric and adult patients, stabilize traumatic injuries, deliver babies in the community setting, and work alongside Emergency Medical Services to better understand pre-hospital care. With all of the exciting and challenging rotations in our program, it can be easy to overlook foundational rotations such as the ultrasound training month in the first year of the program. Bedside ultrasound is used every day in our emergency department; these quick assessments help our providers better manage patient care. Under the guidance of Point of Care Ultrasound Director, Dr. Terren Trott, our residents master multiple types of ultrasound scans early on in their training.

Dr. Wes Barnett (PGY2) had his ultrasound rotation in his very first month of residency. He recalls the flexible learning opportunities and astounding variety of patients on which to perform these scans. Now nearing the end of his second year, Dr. Barnett finds himself using the skills he picked up during that rotation on every shift he works. While on a shift in the Emergency Department this week, Wes was approached by a Neurology fellow seeking help with an complex and time sensitive patient, a young child in the Kentucky Children's Hospital in need of a life saving medication. When skillful nurses tried and failed to obtain IV access in the child, it was clear that further intervention was needed and it was needed quickly. Dr. Barnett was up to the task. He brought ultrasound equipment from the Emergency Department to the Pediatric Sedation Unit and placed two IVs in the patient to deliver the medication in time.

He was recognized for his efforts thru UK Healthcare's STAR Program by Dr. David Toupin, a child neurologist that specializes in neurogenetic care. Below, Dr. Toupin recounts Dr. Barnett's participation:

"Today, Dr. Barnett helped save the life of a small child with a devastating and fatal genetic disease. The child was in the pediatric sedation unit, awaiting receipt of a life saving gene therapy. However, multiple outstanding nurses across multiple departments were unable to obtain IV access to administer the medication. As the medication was thawed, it was time sensitive that we obtain IV access and start the treatment immediately. As we were preparing to send the child to the operating room for emergent access, Dr. Barnett, who works as a resident in the emergency department, volunteered to come to the pediatric sedation unit to help. Using an ultrasound-guided technique, he was able to obtain two working IVs, and the medication was administered successfully. I commend Dr. Barnett for his outstanding teamwork, work ethic, and tremendous skill which helped save this child's life."

- David Toupin, MD

Wes says that this is one of his most meaningful experiences in his medical training thus far. He is thankful for how prepared his training at UKEM made him for this task, and he is humbled by the confidence that the ED, Pediatric, and Neurology staff had in his ability to help this patient.

Congratulations on this recognition, Wes! You are an invaluable member of our team and we are proud of you.

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