Dr. Blake Davidson writes about being an intern, during a pandemic, for Kentucky Chapter of ACEP

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

"Intern year had started out how most of us had imagined. Bumbling through the ED, second guessing every order for Tylenol, just trying to get comfortable with the idea that I am responsible for someone’s medical care. Our program switches between off-service rotations and ED months every other month. Finally, around February I was at a point where I felt comfortable with the flow of the department and found myself stepping out of my comfort zone more often to challenge myself. At this point we had heard about this virus that was sweeping around the world at a rate no one could quite understand. They had shut down entire cities in China and the first few cases in the US had arrived by the end of the month. Meanwhile, we were still trying to carry on business as usual and come up with plans to handle what would come. By March, Kentucky had its first case and it was full hands on deck. We were seeing countries like Italy and Spain be decimated by this terrible disease."

Blake Davidson University of Kentucky Department of Emergency Medicine, PGY-1

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