Dr. Akpunonu & Students Crack EMRA's Top 3 Articles of 2020

As protests around the country turned violent last summer, the use of riot control agents garnered national attention. Dr. Peter Akpunonu, Director of Toxicology at UK, along with 4th year medical students Ben Doty and Haedan Eagar, took this time to educate the masses about the agents used in controlling crowds. On June 5, 2020, this team published an article on EMRA's website titled "Managing the Effects of Riot Control Agents." In this review, they outlined the toxicity, clinical manifestations, and treatment of commonly encountered riot control agents. In EMRA's year in review, it was announced that this article was ranked third in the Top 10 Articles of 2020. Congratulations!

See the article in its entirety here:

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