Roger L. Humphries, MD
Chair of Emergency Medicine

Charles A. Eckerline, Jr., MD
Vice-Chair of Emergency Medicine

Seth Stearley, MD
Senior Inpatient Medical Director

Patrick Grace, MD
Medical Director of Chandler Hospital ER

Gena Cooper, MD
Medical Director of Pediatric ER

Eric Reid, MD
Medical Director of Good Samaritan Hospital ER

Christopher Doty, MD
Vice-Chair of Education

PGY-1   | Class of 2025
PGY-2  | Class of 2024
PGY-3  | Class of 2023

Program Director's Welcome

Welcome to Kentucky!  We have an amazing learning environment for you to train in. I have been on faculty here since 2007, initially as 4th year Clerkship Director, then also as Associate Program Director for the last 7 years.  My vision and goals are simple—to train excellent leaders and clinicians in Emergency Medicine who will have healthy, life long careers.  I am fortunate to have an amazing, ever-expanding faculty to assist me in achieving this goal.


Our ED is a state of the art high functioning department, with separate sections for Pediatrics, Fast Track, Critical Care, Trauma, as well as an Observation area.  Our patients come from not just within Lexington, but throughout central and eastern Kentucky, and occasionally even the surrounding states.  As we are in a predominantly rural state, our patients face challenges just to get to us, and we accept the challenge to give them the best care we can provide.


Residency here at UK will be demanding.  If you choose to join our family, we have high expectations for you, as you should of us.  I feel confident we have all the necessary tools present here to make you the best you can be.  The final piece will be your determination. We strive to make sure our residents achieve wellness and learn to be resilient. We are proud to say that our residents leave UK able to face any challenges both in the department, as well as in their lives.


Statement on Diversity & Inclusivity

At the University of Kentucky Department of Emergency Medicine, we strive to ensure that a diversity of cultures, races and ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations are welcomed to our department.  I am committed to train physicians of all backgrounds, to take care of patients of all backgrounds.  Please do not hesitate to ask to speak to me, or any faculty or resident about these issues or to get more information.


   -Sameer Desai, MD 


Sameer Desai, MD

Program Director

Jonathan Bronner, MD

Associate Program Director

Linda Katirji, MD

Assistant Program Director

Jaryd Zummer, MD

4th Year Clerkship Director

Bradley Buckingham, MD

3rd Year Clerkship Director

Rebecca Peurach

GME Program Coordinator

Jocelyn Barnett

Emergency Medicine Program Coordinator







PGY-3, Class of 2023


PGY-2, Class of 2024

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PGY-1, Class of 2025